Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let Us Pray, Sing and Dance--

(Inspired by ChiChi Anyanwu, So Jeong Kim,  Ty Stephens and All of YOU!)


Let Us Pray, Sing and Dance!
I have awakened with the Creator's
Love Song in my heart.

Filled with Gratitude, my Awakening Soul
is embodied by Trust.

Feeling the safety and appreciation
of Divine Love we joyfully
begin to dance with Eternity.

With humility I answer the Urgent
Freedom Call of the Angelic Ancestors.

I breathe deeply as I dance the dance
of Harmony and Peace.

Each breath taken in gratitude
results in my healing hope for the courage
needed to Share Love.

Ten Times I Breathe.
In Gratitude and Love,
Out Harmony and Peace.

I pray for our Universal Human Collective
and ask that we move forward with
Loving Support so that we
re-birth, be re-membered 
and help realize for our Children's,
Children's, Children---
a World Beyond Violence and War.

Let us work to build bridges to
a World of Creativity, Harmony
and a Vivid, Flourishing Peace.

I breathe deeply and with humility,
I dance honoring the Urgent Freedom Call
of Our Angelic Ancestors.

Together we pray, sing and dance with healing hope
to the rhythm of the Creator's Love Song!

Let Us All Pray, Sing and Dance!
(c) Melony McGant

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